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The MEA’s advocacy paid off for two members in October, 2011.

One of our members had been disqualified by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services for the Associate Project Manager Exam (No. 8018) even though they were performing Administrative Project Manager duties. Executive Director Linda Barnes and Legal Counsel Stuart Salles worked with the member to prepare the testimony before the City Civil Service Commission. Ms. Barnes and Mr. Salles attended the hearing. The member’s appeal was declared moot by DCAS when they rescinded the disqualification. MEA President Stu Eber shared congratulations and thanks with all three people.

Another member had been appointed to function in a higher managerial position, within an acting capacity but had not received the commensurate salary increase or retroactive money. The agency was not responsive until Executive Director Linda Barnes met with the member and helped develop a formal written and personal request for the appropriate action. Ms. Barnes contacted the senior leadership at the work site. The member reported that she received her salary increase and the retroactive money.
We are extremely pleased with successfully assisting our members with these work-related concerns.

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