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Raise Status 2008

Message from President Ferrer I have received a number of inquiries from members regarding the status of managerial raises. I do not have a current update, but we continue to advocate that the City immediately grant across the board increases for the deserving managerial workforce. Below is the text of a Press Release that was sent to the Chief/Leader. It should be published in this week’s issue. We will keep you abreast of new developments in the coming weeks. City Managers Wait for News Regarding Raises “New York City career managers are due across the board wage increases this year,” states NYC Managerial Employees Association President Stephen M. Ferrer. “Career managers should receive salary and benefit increases timely and expeditiously. They are often referred to as the engine that runs the city and it is good government to ensure that the engine is well maintained.” MEA believes that giving raises in a timely fashion helps in recruitment and retention of the best-qualified persons for municipal management positions. President Ferrer also states that, “Managers consider themselves to be an integral part of Mayor Bloomberg’s team. There has been a marked increase in the salaries of our managers during Mayor Bloomberg’s tenure. He also listened when MEA asked for across the board increases for all managers. We ask him, using the mayor’s words, to ‘give well deserved increases for managerial and original jurisdiction personnel’. In New York State, Management/Confidential (M/C) employees are not permitted by the Taylor Law to be represented by an employee organization in collective bargaining negotiations. However, the MEA is empowered to advocate for managerial and confidential employees employed by the City of New York. MEA advocates for salary and fringe benefit increases for all members of the City’s managerial service.

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