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Updated Chapter Listing

Chapter Elections (revised 6/1/12 4:00pm)

Chapter Chapter Director Date of Meeting Notes
ACS Colin Scantlebury 4/27/12 Completed – Colin Scantlebury elected
Buildings Waheed Dughman 7/12/12 Confirmed
Comptrollers Wasyl Kinach 6/28/12 Confirmed
Corrections Vacant July 2012 Proposed
DCAS Tina Ramsey 5/22/12 Completed – Tina Ramsey elected
Design and Construction Vacant 6/7/12 Confirmed
DEP James Luke 3/29/12 Completed – James Luke elected
DHS Carol David 6/12/12 Confirmed
DOE Eileen Cotter 3/20/12 Completed – Eileen Cotter reelected
DOHMH Wanda Newton 6/21/12 Confirmed
DOITT Sherri Porcu 4/20/12 Completed – Sherri Porcu elected
DOT Randolph Harris (appointed) 7/19/12 Proposed
Finance Jeff Talan 4/26/12 Completed – Jeff Talan elected
Fire Department Vacant July Proposed
FISA Vacant 5/8/12 Completed – Still vacant
HHC Manny Lacayo June 5 @ 6pm Confirmed
HPD John Andrezzi 2/23/12 Completed – John Andrezzi reelected
HRA Pamela Ross 5/31/12 Completed – Pamela Ross elected
Municipal Chapter Marie De Lus (appointed) July Proposed
NYCHA Carl Walton 5/3/12 Completed – Carl Walton elected
NYPD Aurora Lopez 5/23/12 Completed – Aurora Lopez reelected
Parks and Recreation Laurence Major 3/27/12 Completed – Laurence Major reelected
Retirees Larry Konstan 6/19/12 Confirmed

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