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Update - Administrative Staff Analyst Levels II and III

We have received several inquiries from our members regarding the status of the union's petition, to certify the Administrative Staff Analyst Levels II and III into collective bargaining.  Each MEA member has received the following letter regarding this matter.  You may contact the Managerial Employees Association at (212) 964-0035, if you need additional information. 


January 2, 2013
On February 10, 2004, the Organization of Staff Analysts filed a petition to add the title Administrative Staff Analyst (ASA) Levels II and III into collective bargaining. There are approximately 827 ASAs Levels II and III working in a wide variety of in-house titles at more than 40 agencies within the City of New York including the New York City Housing Authority. The City and NYCHA argued that the title was managerial and/or confidential and, therefore, excluded from collective bargaining.
The Office of Collective Bargaining conducted a survey in order to analyze the duties and responsibilities of ASAs Levels II and III. The Union previously sought to represent managerial Levels I, II, and III of the ASA title in 1994. Following four years of hearing, the parties reached a settlement in which the Union would represent certain ASAs, formerly at managerial Level I, now designated ASA (Non-Managerial) and withdraw its petition to represent ASAs at managerial Levels II and III.
The parties agreed that the Union would be prohibited from filing a petition to represent ASAs Levels II and III for three years and that any subsequent proceeding would be reviewed de novo. That petition was filed three years later. The Board held 74 days of hearing. Based on this extensive record, the Board found that certain positions are managerial and/or confidential, and the remainder is eligible for collective bargaining. Eligible ASAs Levels II and III will be placed in OSA, which includes ASAs formerly in managerial Level I.
The City and NYCHA appealed the initial ruling to the State Supreme Court. The court upheld the OCB ruling in 2011. The City and NYCHA appealed that ruling, but the Court of Appeals denied the City and NYCHA’s appeal in November 2012.
The City and NYCHA have agreed to supply the Organization of Staff Analysts with a full list of names of all Administrative Staff Analysts levels II and III. The list is due in January 2013. Beginning February 2013, all eligible Levels II and III will be added to the OSA Welfare Fund.
If you are converted to OSA, please send the MEA a copy of your pay stub showing both the MEA and OSA deductions.  We will then promptly notify OPA to stop taking MEA dues from your paycheck.  You can email us a copy of the paystub at info@nycmea.org or fax it to us at (212) 964-6458. Please include your name and daytime telephone number.
Sincerely,                                                                    Sincerely,
Stuart Eber                                                                  Linda A. Barnes
President                                                                     Executive Director

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