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Collective Bargaining Certification
(AMENDED 1/23/13)
Recently, we sent notification to our members regarding the conversion of the Administrative Staff Analyst Levels MII and MIII positions to collective bargaining, under the Organization of Staff Analysts (OSA).  Decisions have been finalized regarding this matter.
Subsequently, the Administrative Quality Assurance Specialist and Administrative Procurement Analysts, Levels M1, MII and MIII became eligible for collective bargaining (under Local 300, Service Employees International Union) effective January 13, 2013. 
If you are affected, your Human Resources/Labor Relations representatives will connect with you to discuss details regarding benefits, payroll deductions and other eligibility requirements. 
If you have received confirmation of collective bargaining certification, and you are a member of the NYC Managerial Employees Association, please contact us immediately to discontinue membership dues deductions. A pay stub reflecting the new deduction for the union and MEA deduction will suffice as confirmation.  This documentation can be faxed to us at (212) 964-6458.  Your information will remain strictly confidential. 
If you have questions regarding the process , you may contact us by telephone at (212) 964-0035, or by e-mail at info@nycmea.org.  We will coordinate activities with the Office of Payroll Administration to ensure deductions are stopped.

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