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Administrative Investigator (AI) Civil Service Exam Test Prep

Administrative Investigator (AI) Civil Service Exam Test Prep

Please adhere to the following process, if you will not be able to attend the AI test prep sessions but would like to receive the materials.

1. Submit a check in the amount of $15, payable to, the NYC Managerial Employees Association.

2. Please indicate whether you would like to pick up the materials in person or have it sent to you by mail.

3. For mailing purposes, please ensure we receive your correct mailing address AND correct contact information (i.e, telephone number and email address).

Test prep information will be provided to MEA members only. If you are not a member you now have an opportunity to join and still take advantage of receiving the test prep package. Please visit our website at www.nycmea.org, complete the application and fax it to 212-964-6458. Your application must be signed and received, before you can attend the sessions or receive the material.

Information for mail requests will be sent out on May 15, 2013.

Requests fulfilled in person will be done based upon advance notification. Please call the MEA office at
(212)964-0035,to indicate the date and time of your arrival for pick-up. Arbitrary walk-in requests will not be accepted.

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