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General Membership Meeting Notes - February 28, 2013

Minutes – February 28, 2013 New York City Managerial Employees Association General Membership Meeting

New York City Managerial Employees Association President Stu Eber convened the February 28, 2013 general membership meeting, held at 125 Worth Street, at 6:00 PM.
The minutes of the June 14, 2012 General Membership Meeting were accepted unanimously.
Stuart Salles, NYC MEA Counsel, was the first featured speaker. MEA President Stuart Eber said members have tremendous legal counsel in Stu Salles. He can get you out of almost any legal jam. However, tonight he's going to talk about how not to get into these jams.

Ignorance alone could mean the difference between continued prosperity and a career-ending nightmare - as in the case of obtaining, or failing to obtain - civil service status. According to Mr. Salles, this designation is critical no matter how many years an MEA member might already have on the job, because in the event of a disciplinary situation, civil service status might be the only thing preventing someone from being terminated.

Other pitfalls facing MEA members are more obvious, as in the case of the manager who decided to borrow money from a subordinate.

MEA members have also gotten themselves into hot water for committing other serious infractions, like disclosing confidential information to a third party.

Most people understand that altering time sheets is wrong. Nevertheless, Mr. Salles said it still happens - and with some very serious consequences.MEA managers submitting or approving false time sheets could find the matter referred to the District Attorney's Office for criminal prosecution.

While not as willfully misguided as fixing a time sheet, just stopping to pick up a quart of milk on the way home from work in your agency car could also get an MEA member in trouble.

Mr. Salles advised MEA members not to give a pass to subordinates who commit an infraction.

The second featured speaker was tax preparation advisor Lloyd Feinberg, whotold MEA members to be especially aware that events in Congress are having a significant impact on this year's tax filing season.

Both speakers answered attendees’ questions.

The meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM.

Minutes submitted by Michelle Centeno, Recording Secretary, March 15, 2013

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