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MEA Members,

The information noted below provides some helpful facts regarding organizations supporting student loan forgiveness. 

We extend our sincere appreciation to Executive Board member and elected Recording Secretary Michelle Centeno for providing and sharing the details.

There are several organizations that will pay off a portion of or your entire student loan, or allow you to postpone payments of the loan. Not only can you get a reduction in the amount of your student loans and debts due, but these organizations will also provide you a much valuable life experience. You will gain work experience and knowledge that will help you develop your resume and improve your future career opportunities.
  • VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America). This organization is all about ending poverty, community development, ending homelessness, and increasing literacy in the United States. It will pay off up to $5,000 of your student loans if you join their cause for at least 1,700 hours. 800-942-2677.
  • Peace Corps. By joining together and traveling with the Peace Corps organization, you will get to defer most of your student loan bills until after you leave the program. Not only will you get them deferred, but you may even be able to get some of your student loans reduced by as much as 70%. Dial 855.855.1961 to find a local office.
  • Americorps. If you volunteer for Americorps for a year, you will be rewarded with up to a $5,000 reduction in your student loans and also a stipend of up to $7,400. (202) 606-5000.
  • Teaching. If you sign up to teach full-time under certain conditions and meet all conditions of the program, your student loan will be completely forgiven. Some of these options include : 1) Teach in an area designated as a teacher-shortage area. 2) teach special education classes, or 3) teach in a school facility that educates students from lower income families.
  • Social Services. If you are a full-time provider of early intervention services for the disabled, a full-time nurse or medical technician, an employee of an organization that provides assistance and services to families of lower income communities, or a full-time corrections or law enforcement officer, your student loan can be completely absolved. Restrictions (such as those that involve the date your loan was made) may apply.
  • Law school loan forgiveness. If you have just graduated from law school, you likely owe a significant amount of money. Many law students owe between $80,000 and $125,000 in student loans and have an outrageously high monthly bill. Over 30 law schools in the U.S. will allow for student loan forgiveness to students who take on-profit positions or public interest positions, whether part time or full time. Visit Equal Justice Works for a list of these schools and more information, or dial the main office at (202) 466-3686.

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