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Douglas S. Greeley Named 2008 MEA Manager of the Year

Douglas S. Greeley Named 2008 MEA Manager of the Year Douglas S. Greeley was named the 2008 Raymond Diana Memorial New York City Managerial Employees Association Manager of the Year Award winner by the NYC MEA Organization Committee. The award was presented to Mr. Greeley at the MEA’s 40th Anniversary Party on October 23 at the Grand Prospect Hall in Brooklyn by DEP Commissioner Emily Lloyd and committee chairman Joel Fishelson. Mr. Greeley entered the Department of Water Resources, DEP’s predecessor, as an Engineer over thirty years ago, He was appointed as a Permanent Administrative Engineer in 1974, then moved up the managerial career ladder. In 1996, Mr. Greeley was appointed Deputy Commissioner of the Bureau of Water and Sewer Operations. Mr. Greeley joined the MEA in 1999. In 2006 DEP Commissioner Emily Lloyd appointed him Deputy Commissioner of the Bureau of Wastewater Treatment, a position he presently holds. “Mr. Greeley’s expertise in Water Supply matters has resulted in insuring a safe and adequate supply of water for citizens with minimum interruptions, “ wrote his nominator, Herbert M. Kass. Mr. Kass is a retired DEP Administrative Engineer. “When water main construction or water main breaks required an interruption of water service, he was always available to meet with community groups in order to explain the need for service interruption and to outline the timetable for service restoration,” Mr. Kass said. “His cooperative attitude working with other City agencies and the City planning Commission is well known within those agencies.” “The Organization Committee was also impressed by Deputy Commissioner Greeley’s reputation as a mentor for other managers,” said committee chairman Joel Fishelson. “His recognition of the potential abilities of other managers has served his agency well in identifying managerial talent, and in finding appropriate managers for vacancies which occur from time to time.” “Douglas Greeley is the fifth manager to ever win the Raymond Diana Memorial Award,” said MEA President Stephen M. Ferrer. “He joins a select group of career managers whose knowledge and experience improved services to the people of New York City and who served as role models for other managers in their agencies.”

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