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Still In Progress

November 18, 2014

Submitted by:  Stu Eber, President and Linda Barnes, Executive Director

We have received numerous inquiries regarding raises for managerial employees.  MEA President Stu Eber and I have continued to follow through with the Office of Labor Relations. 

To present date, no decision has been reached regarding managerial raises.  Based upon past trends, raises for managers are not decided upon, until most bargaining agreements have been negotiated and ratified.  To present date, a majority of all non-uniformed services unions have completed negotiations.

As stated in our previous News communication, the Office of Labor Relations continues to be receptive to our request regarding managerial raises.   When we receive final notification, we will communicate this message to you immediately by e-mail, as well as on our website. 

Your patience continues to be appreciated.

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