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Special Meeting Of The MEA Membership

The MEA election process will begin within the next few months. The document below reflects the timeline and meeting notification. We are encouraging our members to participate fully with the process.


                        S P E C I A L  M E E T I N G

               O F  T H E  M E A  M E M B E R S H I P



6:00 PM



SUITE 1945


A Special Meeting of the membership is called for the purpose of nominating Officers and Directors-at-Large of the organization for the three year term beginning January 1, 2016. The meeting is called in accordance with the MEA Bylaws - as revised October 28, 2014. 

                                                                         A G E N D A

   Nominations for MEA Officers


·        President

·        Executive Vice President

·        Treasurer

·        Recording Secretary


Nominations for Directors at Large (2)


As a member in good standing of the MEA, this is your opportunity to let your voice be heard. Your active participation in the activities of your organization contributes to its effectiveness as an advocacy organization. So, please make every effort to attend.


Bylaws: Article X: Elections, Sect. 10.05 reads, “Nominations for Officers and Directors-at-Large shall be from the floor of a Special Membership meeting.   …No second shall be required and nominations shall remain open for as long as there are members to be nominated. If only one candidate is nominated for a particular office that candidate shall be declared elected and will not appear on the ballot.   …The Election Committee shall conduct the nominations.”  




MEA 2015



1.         08/03/15          MONDAY                 Deadline for List of Slate Nominees

2.         08/07/15          FRIDAY                    Deadline for Verification of Slate Nominees Eligibility

3.         08/10/15          MONDAY                 Nomination Meeting

4.         08/14/15          FRIDAY                    Deadline for all Candidates to Sign Ethics Code

5.         08/17/15          MONDAY                 Deadline for Verification of Independent Nominees’

            Eligibility/Drawing for Ballot Positions

6.         08/24/15          MONDAY                 Deadline for Replacement of Candidates on Slates and

            Naming Campaign Liaison

7.         08/25/15          TUESDAY                  Deadline for Verification of Slate Replacement Nominees’


8.        08/26/15          WEDNESDAY           Deadline for Candidates to Send Campaign Material to                                                                                    Committee

 9.        08/28/15          FRIDAY                     Committee Forwards Approved Campaign Materials to Printer

10.       08/28/15          FRIDAY                     Ballot Formulated by AAA / Election Committee

11.       09/04/15          FRIDAY                      Ballot Printed

12.       09/09/15          WEDNESDAY           Ballots Mailed Out

13.       10/05/15          MONDAY                  All Ballots Must be Received by Close of Business 5:00 PM

                                                                        for Counting

14.       10/06/15          TUESDAY                  AAA Ballot Count Certification of Results and Announcement                                                                         of the Winners

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