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Letter to the Editor

Letter: Parental Leave Plan Flaws

Posted: Monday, January 25, 2016 5:45 pm

CARL SCHROEDER | 0 comments

Though Mayor De Blasio’s Paid Parental Leave initiative is well-intended, I have strong reservations about the method of funding and the fact that the Managerial Employees Association was not consulted, though managers are among those that will be affected.

The Mayor’s Personnel Order No. 2016/1 transfers two days of leave time from veteran workers to those that would like to take an extended amount of time off for newborn children.

What it overlooks is that those workers who are giving up leave time would now have less time for events that happen later in life such as caring for elderly family members or helping a son or daughter visit high schools and colleges to determine which one they should attend.

This plan calls for taking away pay increases and leave that were promised to managers as rewards for staying with the city for many years, and most of those veteran workers are old enough that they will never benefit from the Paid Parental Leave initiative. Nobody should be given preference over anybody else, especially when there are other ways to provide this benefit without forcing dedicated employees to give up what they earned.


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