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Petition-New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)


NYC Housing Authority (NYCHA)

While we applaud Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Paid Parental Leave initiative, we do have serious reservations about Mayor’s Personnel Order No. 2016/1, detailing its implementation. We request a one year moratorium on implementing this progressive policy’s flawed funding methodology, until we know the true costs and what the other 300,000 City employees will be paying for it.

My fellow managers and I are very upset that the initiative was announced with no consultation with the MEA.  The MEA is particularly concerned with the Modification of Time and Leave already implemented by the personnel order. Mayoral Pay Orders have never been ‘repurposed’ and Time and Leave changes have never been limited to the managerial work force. Why ruin progressive policies with punitive implementation methodologies?

The Mayor’s plan calls for taking away raises that were promised and leave from managers that have been earned as a result of their long-term dedication to this City. Additionally, it would appear that the managers that are losing the two days of annual leave are most likely never going to use the benefit, because most managers with twelve or more years of service are over 45 years old.

 The Mayor’s press release said the benefit will cost $15,000,000 a year. Our estimate is that it will cost less than $5,000,000 a year. We do not want our annual leave taken from us when the savings are not required to pay for the benefit.

 We ask you to stop taking our annual leave until everyone knows what the true costs are and what the other 300,000 employees will sacrifice.



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