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DCAS (Department of Citywide Administrative Services is convening a Test Validation Board (TVB) for the Promotion to Administrative Park and Recreation Manager civil service exam. 

The purpose of the TVB is to review protests against the key answers or rating guide for the exam.  The NYC Managerial Employees Association believes it is important to have managerial representation on this very important board.

Employees who function in the Administrative Park and Recreation Manager title would have the appropriate knowledge for functioning on the TVB. 

Please note that you cannot be a candidate taking the exam scheduled May 14, 2016, nor have a relative who is taking the examination. Individuals who are nominated must be available for an interview concerning their possible assignment as a Test Validation Board member.   In addition, the person chosen to serve must be available to review candidates’ protests and must remain available until the work of the Board is completed.  DCAS will try to schedule Board meetings at times convenient to all members.

Please note, the rating of the examination cannot begin until after the Test Validation Board agrees upon a final rating key.  It will also help to ensure that a list can be quickly established.

Please contact MEA Executive Director Linda Barnes no later than May 11, 2016, if you are interested. Ms. Barnes’ e-mail address is lbarnes@nycmea.org.



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