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City managers sue de Blasio for discrimination

City managers sue de Blasio for discrimination

By Julia Marsh

May 7, 2016 | 5:20am

Five city managers are suing the mayor for age discrimination — claiming he unfairly took away their pay raise and vacation days to cover the costs of paid parental leave for younger employees.

The managers — who range in age from 41 to 63 and work for the Departments of Health, Parks, Education, Housing and the Comptroller’s Office — are asking a judge to reinstate their two days of paid annual leave and a .47 percent salary hike.

They were promised the raise in January 2015 and it was set to take effect in July 2017.

The mayor rescinded the raises for all city managers including plaintiffs Wasyl Kinach, Barbara Markowitz, Bonnie Donovan Williams, Bernard Orlan and Darrell Sims in December when he awarded parents 30 days of paid leave.

Veteran city employees get two additional vacation days after 15 years on the job. They can cash out any unused leave time when they retire.

The suit says the tradeoff is illegal because it favors younger city workers at the expense of older ones.

A spokesman for the city’s Law Department said, “We will review the complaint to evaluate the merits of their claims.”

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