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The Department of Citywide Administrative Services advised us that the promotion lists for both Administrative Staff Analyst and Administrative Manager will be established and available on August 22, 2016.  All agencies under the jurisdiction of DCAS, in addition to the Comptroller’s Office, New York City Transit Authority, Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority and Department of Education, will have promotion lists for their eligible employees who passed the exams.  

All agencies receiving the promotional lists are legally obligated to replace provisional Administrative Managers and Administrative Staff Analysts with qualified individuals from the certified lists. The agencies have the discretion to decide the order in which positions occupied by provisionals will be filled.

There is no requirement to look at the provisional incumbent’s civil service status or length of service in the agency when determining which positions to fill.

Any provisional Administrative Manager or Administrative Staff Analyst who does not have an underlying permanent civil service title may be transferred or demoted to another title, managerial or non-managerial, that does not have a current certified civil service list. These provisional employees can be terminated at the agencies’ discretion. The agencies have the right to use the starting salary or higher of the new title in place of the current salary.

Provisional Administrative Managers or Administrative Staff Analysts with permanent underlying civil service titles who are being replaced will be bumped back to those titles. Their salaries may be recalculated to reflect what their salaries would have been, if they remained in that title during the time they were working provisionally in the Administrative Manager or Administrative Staff Analyst position.

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