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MEA Action Plan for 2008

MEA Action Plan for 2008. There is much to be accomplished by the MEA leadership. We will soon hold discussions with the City and will: ∑ Continue to advocate that Managers should receive larger across the board increases than non-managers. ∑ Continue our negotiations to obtain a true pay for performance system of merit raises for all levels of managerial service. ∑ Advocate for longevity increments for career managers ∑ Seek equity in terminal leave benefits for managers ∑ Continue partnering efforts with DCAS in conducting seminars and workshops designed to improve and enhance membersí managerial and administrative skills. ∑ Press DCAS to establish a citywide meaningful formal adverse action appeal process for disciplinary actions taken against managers. ∑ Advocate for increases in the benefits provided by the Management Benefits Fund (MBF). We will also continue to: ∑ Improve and enhance member services ∑ Grow the organization by intensifying our recruitment and outreach efforts In addition we pledge to work to prevent the erosion of pension and health care benefits. All of us, actives and retirees, have to come together as a team to lobby against attacks on our pension and health care. For example, we will continue our efforts to convince the City to restore the reductions in the Superimposed Major Medical Plan and Health Club benefits implemented by the MBF in July 2007. Those who want to reduce our benefits do not understand or refuse to acknowledge that we put money from every paycheck into our retirement and pay for a part of our benefits. All of us should have sound retirement and health care benefits that we know will be there for us. It will take a continuous effort on our part to make sure the governor, the mayor, legislators, and the public understand this. In unity there is strength. Stephen M. Ferrer, President

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