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Excused Absence For Breast and Prostate Cancer Screenings

The following information was shared with us by DCAS (Department of Citywide Administrative Services).  We encourage you to check with the Human Resources representatives for your agency for further details.

Excused Absence for Cancer Screenings

Please be advised of the following new provisions:

• Effective July 21, 2016, employees of the City of New York are entitled to take an excused absence for prostate cancer screenings.

• Effective September 25, 2016, employees of the City of New York are entitled to take excused absence for breast cancer screenings. 

These provisions permit employees to take a paid leave of absence for a sufficient period of time, not to exceed four (4) hours on an annual basis, to undertake a screening for breast cancer or prostate cancer. The leave will not be charged against any other leave that an employee is entitled to receive.

A Personal Service Bulletin (PSB) with further details will be published shortly.

PSBs can be found on the following link:   http://www.nyc.gov/html/dcas/html/employees/psbtoc.shtml



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