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Managerial Raises: Not a Question of if, a Question of When

MEA President Stephen Ferrer and Executive Board member Darrell Sims met with Deputy Mayor of Operations, Edward Skyler on February 5, 2009 to discuss raises for Managers. The Deputy Mayor stated that “Mayor Bloomberg has every intention of granting raises to managers.” It is not a question of if, it is a question of when,” continued Deputy Mayor Skyler. He referenced the State budget and Federal aid as determining factors on how soon the raises would be granted. The Deputy Mayor agreed to provide monthly updates to the MEA regarding the status of the raises. “This administration will live up to its commitments”, Mr. Skyler stated. Mr. Ferrer and Mr. Sims had opened the meeting by emphasizing that the raise freeze has seriously affected the morale of the managerial workforce of the City. Managers are not being treated fairly, in light of the raises received by unionized employees. President Ferrer told the Deputy Mayor that “the effect of a wage freeze for career managers, the majority of whom earn between $60,000 and $70,000 per year is very significant.” President Ferrer stressed that the MEA is part of the Mayor’s team and is concerned that talented individuals would refuse promotions to managerial titles due to the raise freeze. Managers must work until the job is accomplished and routinely work more than 35 hours without overtime compensation which is available to non-managers. In addition, in many instances, non managers receiving higher compensation than those they supervise. The Deputy Mayor understood and responded that this type of “salary compression” is a concern for the Bloomberg administration. The MEA communicated that compensation not only includes salaries but also benefits provided by the Management Benefits Fund. President Ferrer expressed the concern that unlike Union employees who manage their own funds, the MEA membership has little or no input into the benefits provided. Deputy Mayor Skyler volunteered to calendar a meeting between MEA and the Office of Labor Relations to discuss ways to ensure MEA participation and input. This meeting began a serious dialogue that should eventually lead to the granting of raises to Managers. The MEA will continue to strongly advocate for these raises. Continue to visit this website for up to date information and further developments.

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