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Health & Hospitals Terminaton Update

            NYC H+H Terminations Update

This is an informal summary of our May 12, 2017 telephone conference and subsequent conversations regarding NYC H+H’s plans for terminations next month. The attendees were Linda Barnes (MEA), Matthew Campese (H+H), Stuart Eber (MEA), Shelly Shulman (MEA – Elmhurst)) and Yvette Villanueva (H+H).

An undetermined number of Group 11 employees will be terminated by July 1, 2017 as part of H+H’s organizational restructuring of spans of control and layers of management. Each employee will receive an individual counseling session with an HR representative at their work location. They will be demoted or terminated effective that date. We asked H+H to inform the employees and MEA of the termination date as soon as practical.

Any employee with a permanent fall back civil service title can choose to return to their title or be terminated. H+H will make every effort to comply with civil service law, including bumping employees with less seniority in the title.

All employees will receive a kit explaining to them their options regarding pensions, unemployment insurance, career opportunities in other City agencies, Management Benefits Fund, Tax Deferred Annuities and Employee Assistance Unit. Representatives from each of these entities will be available to assist the employee

All employees being terminated will receive a lump sum payment for their accrued time and leave in accordance with Operating Procedure #20-26. A projected date for receiving the payments will be provided to the employees. A final paycheck will also be issued to the employee in accordance with the payroll schedule. Employees are encouraged to ensure their time sheets are up to date.

Employees considering retirement need to know that they should file with NYCERS before they are terminated. You can file 90 days in advance and can withdraw the application up until the day before. MEA members are entitled to free pension counseling. Call our office (212) 964-0035 to schedule.

After the counseling session has concluded, the employee will be escorted back to their work station and afforded every opportunity to remove their personal belongings and be escorted from the building by their supervisor, not security guards. Prior to exiting the premises, the employee must return all H+H property, including ID cards, cell phones and keys. If the employee needs to return something after that time, they can bring it to a central location.

If any manager is apprehensive regarding discussing their retirement plans with HR at their facility level, they can have a confidential discussion with a Corporate Office leader who has expertise in retirement issues.  This information will not be shared at the facility level.   

MEA continues to offer our assistance in helping our members navigate this complicated and emotionally fraught termination process.

Stuart Eber                             

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