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Passing of Regina Russ

I am sorry to have to inform you of the passing of Regina Russ, the Assistant Deputy Commissioner for the Human Resources Administration’s Office of Policy, Procedures, and Training and HRA’s Assistant Chapter Director.

Regina joined the MEA in 2001 and was always a vocal participating member. She accepted the responsibilities of MEA leadership, being elected Assistant Chapter Director in February of 2012 and reelected in 2014 and 2016.

HRA Commissioner Steven Banks said, “Regina spent years motivating, influencing and exhibiting a spirit of resiliency in her personal and professional life. As staff developer and trainer, Regina inspired the staff to achieve their greatest potential and to always remember their purpose in taking on the challenge of helping those less fortunate. She motivated the staff to see the profession as a calling, not just as a nine- to-five job.”

Regina began her career in 1986 as an Office Aide at the Brownsville Income Support Center and continued to rise through the ranks of the Agency. Her career is a testament to her charisma and communication skills and the benefits of the civil service merit system.

Regina was a recipient of the 2012 Margaret J. Ives Award for Outstanding Service by the New York State Staff Development Association, recognizing her excellence through her dedication, expertise and professionalism in serving Social Services staff.

Everyone who was fortunate enough to meet Regina, even if it was just once, cannot forget the wonderful inspiring person she was. I will miss her as a friend, colleague and teacher.

Stu Eber,


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