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Don't Weaken N.Y.'s Gun Laws

Don't weaken N.Y.'s gun laws

Brooklyn: With Congress home for August recess, the gun lobby and some members are preparing to push for concealed carry reciprocity (CCR) legislation, which would force states like New York with strong concealed carry permit rules to accept the concealed carry rules of every other state.

New York has some of the strongest gun laws around; however, it hasn’t stopped guns from crossing our borders, and CCR will simply allow more guns in from states with weaker laws. Already, 90% of the crime guns recovered at city crime scenes came from outside the state. I know all too well the heartache which comes when a gun gets into the wrong hands. My nephew, Pierre-Paul, was shot and killed on Nov. 11, 2008. These guns are killing our neighbors and police officers.

CCR will let more illegal guns into our community already inundated. CCR will give criminals easier access to guns. The law will not make our communities safe; it will make them more dangerous. New Yorkers should do whatever they can to stop CCR. Marie Delus

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