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Medicare Part B Reimbursement

2017 Medicare Part B Reimbursement


Your 2017 Medicare Part B Reimbursement was either electronically sent to you via direct deposit or mailed to you on or after April 20, 2018. 


You will also receive a letter from the NYC Office of Labor Relations (OLR) Employee Benefits Program stating that you need to check the amount of your Medicare Part B reimbursement against what you actually paid for Medicare Part B in 2017. For the majority of us the Medicare Part B payment is deducted directly from their monthly social security check. If you fall into this category, Medicare sent you a statement (Form SSA-1099) in January which lists what your Medicare Part B cost was for 2017. 


If you calculate that you were underpaid by NYC OLR for your 2017 Medicare Part B cost you must fill out the form (it will be on the opposite side of their letter) and mail to the address listed on the bottom of their form. 


Please keep a copy of this form and letter for your records.


If you received the correct amount do NOT do anything. Repeat - DO NOT FILL OUT THE FORM.


If you are in an IRMAA (Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount) situation, i.e., you pay more than the basic amount, please do NOT fill out this form but follow the process that you do annually to receive your additional reimbursement.


In summary: 


(1)     Fill out the 2017 Medicare Part B Reimbursement Differential Request Form (This form does not have a number) only if the amount of your Medicare Part B reimbursement is less than the amount that you actually paid for Medicare Part B in 2017. 


(2)     If you are required to fill out the NYC OLR IRMAA form for 2017 you should not complete the form noted in Item # 1 above. Just submit the 2017 IRMAA form with the required documentation. This form is available for downloading at www.nyc.gov/olr.


(3)     If you did not pay for Medicare Part B in 2017 do not fill out these forms. 



Please keep this information in a safe place. Hopefully, most of us will receive the correct basic reimbursement and will not have to complete any additional forms. However, it is your responsibility to insure that you receive the correct reimbursable amount! 


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