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Passing of Stephen Ferrer, Past President NYC MEA


Passing of Stephen Ferrer, Past President NYC MEA


Stephen Ferrer, Past President of the NYC Managerial Employees Association, passed away on August 18 at age 69. He was elected to three terms from 2003-2009 after serving as Treasurer for three terms. Prior to and after his MEA tenure, he was a leader in CWA Local 1180’s recruitment and education efforts as a member and then an organizer.


 Mr. Ferrer worked in the Human Resources Administration and the Administration for Children’s Services for 32 years, primarily as a senior manager of staff training programs. 


 William Dworkin, Mr. Ferrer’s predecessor as MEA President said, “ Steve and I decided to run for office together. He served as Treasurer with me for six years. He was competent and organized. He put the MEA reporting process into an easy to understand yet detailed format. He was a valued member of my team. He had the background for leadership and at the conclusion of my time in office he was elected President. He offered his skills to the MEA for the betterment of all managers.”


 “Steve was a dedicated advocate of the civil service merit system as the best means for ensuring equal pay for equal work at all levels of city government,” said Stuart Eber, his successor as President. “He wanted managers to be treated with respect and to be compensated fairly, even though we do not have collective bargaining rights.” 


“I worked under Mr. Ferrer’s leadership when I was appointed Executive Director in 2009,” said Linda Barnes  “He was quite passionate about his role as President, and a person committed to doing ‘what was right’ for the members.’ 


“We at Local 1180 will always have great respect and fond memories of our brother Stephen Ferrer, “ said Past CWA Local 1180 President Arthur Cheliotes.


Patricia M. Smith, former First Deputy Commissioner at HRA, said “Steve’s many initiatives to improve the delivery of essential services to his fellow New Yorkers through enhanced training, professionalization and development of the workforce serve as a lasting legacy of his career .”


Mr. Ferrer is survived by his four children -  Michael, Nina, Jonathan and Daniel, his partner Sandi Solis, his brothers David and Robert, his grandchildren, and many other family members and friends.  


Condolences may be sent to:


Sandi Solis

204 Kearney Ave

Bronx, NY 10465


Or to: 


The Ferrer Family

C/o Nina Ferrer-Mannino

7 Navy Pier Court

Staten Island NY, 10304


Acknowledgments of contributions in Stephen Ferrer’s name may be sent to the Ferrer Family at the above address.

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