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UPDATE:  A discussion between the MEA and OLR (Office of Labor Relations) regarding managerial salary adjustments is pending a new, confirmed date.  We have scheduled two prior meetings, each cancelled due to OLR’s additional priorities.

We are aware our members are anxious, since DC 37 has negotiated and ratified their contract.  Historically, raises for managers are not considered or approved, until the majority of unions have completed their negotiations.  When the last raises were approved, managers received the salary adjustments earlier than anticipated.   This was attributed to the pending negotiations between OLR and other unions. 

Upon completion of our discussion with OLR, we will communicate with our members immediately, using direct e-mail, as well as our website). 

We encourage you to be patient.  The MEA will continue to collaborate for managers, as we have been doing for the past 50 years. 

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