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DCAS 2020 Schedule - The Chief Weekly Leader Article Presented in the August 9, 2019 Edition

The Chief Weekly Leader Article Presented in the August 9, 2019 Edition: Machinist, Auto Mechanic, Traffic Agent Exams Part of City Schedule Administrative Titles, Fire Department Promotion Exams Offered: The Department of Citywide Administrative Services has released its tentative schedule of civil-service exams through June 30, 2020. Of the 179 scheduled exams, 118 are open-competitive tests, and 61 are promotion exams. Open-competitive exams can be taken by anyone, employed by the city or not, who meets the educational and experience requirements listed for a specific job. Promotion exams are restricted to city employees. Various Employers For some titles, separate registration is required, depending on employer. For example, Special Officer tests are available for general city agencies and for NYC Health + Hospitals. You can register for the tests during the periods, usually lasting three weeks, noted in the chart below. Some titles allow you to schedule your test date within those parameters when you file your application online. The application period for the open-competitive exam for Police Officer is Oct. 29-Dec. 14. For Correction Officer, application periods are Dec. 27-Jan. 31; Feb. 26-March 31; and April 28-May 30. The application period for the open-competitive exam for Sanitation Worker is June 3-June 23, 2020. Tests for Firefighter are not scheduled for this round. The application period for the promotion exam for FDNY Lieutenant is scheduled for March 4-March 24. Here are some of the other open-competitive titles for which tests are scheduled (an asterisk [*] means the city is giving both open-competitive and promotion exams for the title): Public-Safety Jobs Public-safety titlesin addition to Police Officer include Police Communications Technician, Probation Officer, School Safety Agent, Special Officer and Traffic-Enforcement Agent. Social-work titles include Child and Family Specialist, Child Welfare Specialist* and Youth Development Specialist. Craft titles include Auto Mechanic*, Elevator Mechanic*, Gardener, Heating-Plant Technician*, Maintenance Worker and Plumbers Helper. Health Titles Health-related titles include Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Public-Health Educator, Public-Health Adviser*, Public-Health Adviser (School Health), Public-Health Nurse, Public-Health Nurse (School Health) and Supervising Therapist*. Building and engineering titles include Assistant Environmental Engineer, Chief Marine Engineer*, Civil Engineer*, Electrical Engineer, Elevator Mechanic*, Mechanical Engineer, Stationary Engineer (Electric)* and Senior Stationary Engineer (Electric)*. Administrative titles include Administrative Accountant, Administrative Business Promotion Coordinator*, Administrative Manager*, Investment Analyst, Staff Analyst and Statistician. Education and Media titles include Education Analyst, Media Services Technician and Youth Development Specialist. Fees Pegged to Salaries Tests require an application fee, which is set on a sliding scale based on the salary for the position. You can pay the fee online with a credit card, bank card, gift card or debit card. You can sometimes use a money order that you must deliver in person to one of the testing centers listed on the website of the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (www. nyc.gov/dcas). If you use a card, you will be charged a processing fee of 2 percent. Application fees are generally not refundable, but if you are receiving or participating in certain forms of public assistance/benefits/programs, or are a veteran, you may qualify to have the application fee waived. The following schedule shows the exams and the dates during which applications may be filed. C denotes an open-competitive test and P a promotion exam. Updated exam schedules are available weekly in THE CHIEF-LEADER and monthly on the DCAS website. Important Note (08.13.2019): The MEA has noted that the link has changed as posted in the original article. The Exam Schedule is also posted at the DCAS website at https://www1.nyc.gov/site/dcas/employment/current-upcoming-exams.page

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