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Mayor Bloomberg Authorizes 4% Raises Retroactive to March 2008 and March 2009 For All Managers and Original Jurisdiction Employees

Submitted by Linda A. Barnes, Executive Director July 15, 2009 Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg authorized raises of 4% effective March 1, 2008 and 4% effective March 1, 2009 to all managers and Original Jurisdiction employees, including Exempt Class positions, in an active pay status in those titles on those dates. Mayor’s Personnel Order No. 2009/1, effective July 10, 2009 also states all managers and OJ employees hired into managerial or OJ positions after March 1, 2008 “is eligible to receive an increase of 4.0%, effective on the date of such appointment, at the discretion of the Agency Head.” Similarly, managers and OJ employees hired after March 1, 2009 are eligible to receive increases at the discretion of their Agency Head. Agency Heads will also have the discretion to authorize these 4% increases to managers and OJ employees promoted after March 1, 2008 and March 1, 2009 “to ensure that the manager receives the same percentage increase obtained when promoted.” Managers who retired but were in an active pay status during one or both of the effective periods (3/1/2008 and 3/1/2009) will receive the pay increases. The Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) anticipates the increases will be reflected in the August 7th or August 21, 2009 payroll releases. Individuals affected by the Office of Collective Bargaining’s decision to reclassify managerial positions are entitled to receive the pay raise. The OCB certification was dated and effective on April 8, 2009. For example, if you were in an active pay status as Administrative Manager, Level I or Level II during the period 3/1/08 to 7/1/09, you will receive the salary adjustment, based upon you position as a manager during this period. Information was provided in the July 17th edition of the Chief to reflect the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene as a non-mayoral agency with its assigned employees not being entitled to the salary increase. MEA Executive Director Linda Barnes discussed this issue with editorial representatives of the Chief, and a correction will be provided. Managers assigned to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene will indeed receive the salary increases. Unfortunately, managers employed by other non-mayoral agencies such as the Board of Education and Health and Hospitals Corporation have not been approved for wage increases yet. Traditionally, these agencies have awarded comparable increases, based upon salary adjustments made to mayoral agencies. The MEA President and Executive Director will continue to follow this issue. The MEA is relieved that salary increases have finally been approved for its members. However, this is not a time for MEA to relax. We must continue to negotiate and advocate for the issues that concern our members, and we will do this without hesitation.

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