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New NYC Managerial Employees Association Leaders Elected

Press Release
For immediate release
Submitted by Linda A. Barnes, Executive Director
November 23, 2009
New NYC Managerial Employees Association Leaders Elected
The results of the recent NYC election campaign of the NYC Managerial Employees Association (NYC MEA) have been announced.  Candidates ran for the positions of President, Executive Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary and Directors - at-Large.  In a mail ballot, conducted by the American Arbitration Association, approximately 41% of the membership returned their ballots selecting the candidate of their choice, compared to 36% in 2007.  A total of 913 ballots were returned, and official results were announced today.  The certified vote totals were:
Stuart D. Eber - 415
Willie Maye, Jr. - 266
Stephen M. Ferrer - 227
Executive Vice President
Sheldon Schulman - 429
Victoria Pitchford - 281
Saadia Luzzi - 192
Warren Lewis - 420
Tina Ramsey - 269
Frank Munari - 209
Recording Secretary
Evelyn Correa - 486
Arthur Pirozzi - 321
Ms. Evelyn Correa was declared the official winner as Recording Secretary for the NYC Managerial Employees Association.
Joel Fishelson  - 436
Cynthia Vail - 395
Jacqueline Colombo-Zelkowitz - 290
Joseph K. Russiello - 260
Darrell L. Sims - 213
Kirk Leon - 169
Incumbent Joel Fishelson and Cynthia Vail were declared the elected Director-At-Large winners. 
A run-off election has been declared for the positions of President, Executive Vice President and Treasurer.  Ballots will be sent out within the next three weeks, and MEA voters will have a two-week timeframe to resubmit their votes to declare the final winner for these positions.

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