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Independence in Action Team MEA Runoff Election Victory

“Independence in Action”
Team MEA Runoff Election Victory
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Stu Eber has been elected president of the Managerial Employees Association by 62% of the  voting members in a run off mail ballot election conducted by the American Arbitration Association. A record 45% of the 2030 ballots mailed by the AAA were returned by the MEA members.
Mr. Eber’s running mates, Shelly Shulman and Warren Lewis, were elected executive vice president and treasurer respectively by similar margins. Mr.Eber defeated Willie Maye, Jr. for president 559-345. Mr. Shulman bested Victoria Pitchford for executive vice-president 548-357. And Warren Lewis won the treasurer spot 550-353 over Tina Ramsey.
Mr. Eber said, “The members have elected a leadership team  that will recommit the organization to competence, results and respect. We thank Steve Ferrer, who has served the MEA as president, treasurer and chapter director  for many years, for his contributions and recognize the service of Darrell Simms, Willie Maye, Jr, and Victoria Pitchford.”
“Shelly, Warren and our previously elected colleagues—Evelyn Correa, Joel Fishelson and Cynthia Vail--hope all the candidates in the just concluded election  remain involved,” said Mr. Eber. “We heard the members during the campaign. We will begin to work with the executive board immediately to deliver on our platform by improving member benefits and services and to improve our presence in field locations. The members have spoken, the mandate is clear and now it is time to get to work.”

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