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GHI/HIP Merger

The MEA Retirees Chapter and our Executive Board has passed the following resolution opposing the proposed hip/ghi conversion to for profit status. Whereas the New York City Managerial Employees Association desires to protect the health benefits of New York City managers and their families from benefit erosion and loss of affordability and; Whereas the Health Insurance Plan (HIP) and Group Health Insurance (GHI) have proposed to be converted from Non-profit to for Profit status and; Whereas in excess of 90% of our active and retired members receive their health insurance benefits through HIP and GHI and; Whereas all of the available information reported to date strongly suggests that the approval of such status change could significantly increase the costs to our members, municipality, and its taxpayers without any major improvements to coverage and reimbursement schedules: "Be it resolved that the New York City Managerial Employees Association wholeheartedly OPPOSES the proposed HIP/GHI conversion to For-Profit status and strongly urges the New York State Superintendent of Insurance to REJECT this proposal.

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