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Presented by: Stu Eber, President
Linda A. Barnes, Executive Director

On June 14, 2010, President Stu Eber, MEA Executive Vice President Shelly Shulman, Executive Director Linda Barnes and HHC Chapter Director Manny Lacayo met with representatives of HHC to discuss HHC’s restructuring initiative. In order to close a $1.3 billion budget gap, HHC proposes to privatize some of its non-core services. HHC officials will utilize collective bargaining and labor law policies in this process.

HHC will benefit financially by reducing salaries, benefits and pensions; however, privatization of services means that managers will be terminated from their city service positions and provided an opportunity to reapply for their jobs with the hope that they will be hired. They will be required to perform the same jobs for less salary, benefits and possibly no pensions.

MEA is pursuing avenues to advocate for Program Bill #249 (Early Retirement Incentive, Parts A and B). This would be considered a fair, equitable means of helping managers whose positions will be eliminated.

Do you remember that we challenged Bellevue Hospital to exceed Woodhull Hospital’s membership participation? Well, the managers at Bellevue Hospital accepted the challenge, and so far they have exceeded every HHC facility with the highest number of new member enrollment during an NYC MEA informational session. Harlem and Lincoln will be next. We are waiting to see if these two can supersede everyone else, and continue to increase the managerial strength in numbers. Harlem and Lincoln, the NYC MEA team will be visiting your professional home, within the next two weeks. YOU HAVE BEEN CHALLENGED!

Telling You Something Good
• Congratulations to Ms. Cynthia Vail, MEA Director-at-Large, for her auditioning efforts on Oprah’s Noon Network show. Ms. Vail entered the competition and submitted her idea entitled Possible at Any Age, because she firmly believes that in spite of adversity, it is possible to achieve dreams and goals at any age. We believe with Ms. Vail, and we are supporting her all the way.

• Congratulations to Past President Stephen Ferrer’s daughter Nina Ferrer for landing a competitive spot on HGTV’s 2010 Design Star. Go, Nina! We believe there’s a winner in you.

• Ms. Sadie Culler’s son Gary appeared on a recent segment of Good Morning America. Ms. Culler is the Member Services Representative for the NYCMEA. Her son represents the musical group from Nigeria performing under the name Necca. We extend our wishes for continued success and fame to Ms. Culler’s son.

• The NYC MEA Executive Board and staff extends a warm welcome to Lawrence Major, recently appointed chapter director representing the Department of Parks and Recreation. Mr. Major will replace Joseph Russiello who resigned. We extend our gratitude and best wishes to Mr. Russiello.

• Michele Centeno was elected Recording Secretary at the June 15 Executive Board meeting, replacing Evelyn Correa who retired and moved to Puerto Rico. Jeanette Millman was approved by the Executive Board to replace Ms. Centeno as Acting Chapter Director for the Comptroller’s Office.

• Adrienne Leif was approved by the Executive Board as the Acting Assistant Chapter Director for the Retirees Chapter.

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