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MEA Applauds Comptroller Liu's Decision to Provide Career Managers With Raises Denied Last Year.

MEA Applauds Comptroller Liu’s Decision to Provide
Career Managers With Raises Denied Last Year

New York City Managerial Employee Association President Stuart Eber said, “We are pleased to hear Comptroller John Liu’s decision to provide retroactive raises to all his managers earning over $90,000 a year in their July 23 paychecks.. Now these leaders can enjoy the fruits of their labor for the past three years.” These raises, which were retroactive to March 1, 2008 were in line with the Mayor’s Executive Order of July 2009 which gave all managers under the Mayor’s purview two 4% raises. At that time, former Comptroller Thompson held back on approving these raises for managers in his office earning over $90,000. He left office without resolving the issue.
Early in 2010, at a meeting with newly elected Comptroller John Liu and his staff, including First Deputy Eric Eve, MEA advocated that all managers should be treated fairly and with respect. “We also stated that the affected managers had worked hard to identify cost savings and operating efficiencies in City government that deserved to be recognized,” said President Eber. “Many of the managers are long time civil servants, having, in some cases, worked for the City for over 30 years.”
MEA Executive Director Linda Barnes remarked, “We are meeting with as many agency leaders as possible to spread our message that the managers of this City are the front line in the development and implementation of programs to reduce the deficit while preserving the important work done on behalf of all New Yorkers. We emphasized with the Comptroller the negative effects of salary compression.”
“We met with the Department of Education, advocating that they make their non-pedagogical managers whole with 4% and 4% raises. The door is still open for Chancellor Klein to follow the examples of the Comptroller and reconsider his original position limiting the managers’ raises,” said Mr. Eber.
The New York City Housing Authority recently gave their managers 2% and 2%, based on their review of the authority’s finances. “Our members believe that during these tough economic times it was reasonable for the Chairman to get a clearer picture of the Authority’s financial standings and to try and stabilize the Authority’s fiscal structure before committing to raises for the managers,” said President Eber. “We are pleased he was able to provide some relief, but we will continue to advocate for equity and fairness for all managers.”

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