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Residency (Intro 992A),

INTRO 0992-2009, VERSION A

Presented by: Linda A. Barnes, Executive Director

Several of our members have requested clarification regarding the current residency rule affecting City managers.

The most legislation (Intro 0992A-2009) enacted by the City Council in June 2009, amends the residency requirements for City employees. This legislation allows all City employees to live anywhere of their choice, within the six surrounding New York counties, upon completion of two years of city employment.

If you are not a resident on the date of initial appointment as a City employee, you are required to resolve this matter, within 90 days, as a condition of employment. Failure to establish or maintain residency can result in dismissal or termination from City service. All employees are provided notification and an opportunity to contest charges of non-residency.

Managers responsible for fulfilling key roles and responsibilities (i.e., heads of mayoral agencies, deputy commissioners, general counsels, chief of staff, assistant commissioners, etc.) must remain in the City. Hard to fill positions (i.e., Administrative Engineer), may be exempt from the residency requirement at the discretion of agency heads and upon meeting the conditions of approval by the NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS).

Each city agency was required to submit information to DCAS regarding hard to fill titles (exempt) and non-exempt positions. If you would like to know if your title was selected as a non-exempt, please contact representatives of your Human Resource department.

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