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A Mixture of Issues


Presented by: Linda A. Barnes, Executive Director

Several individuals have contacted me by telephone, or in person with questions on issues of concern. A few brief responses are provided to the questions you have asked me.

• The issue of Residency continues to arise. I have summarized the information noted in the most recent legislative document (Intro 992A), passed by the City Council. This information has been posted as an additional news item on this website. Please take a moment to review it.

• Members who responded to the MEA questionnaire and selected to receive the Chief online will now be able to do so. Effective September 3, 2010 you will be able to access the Chief online at thechiefsubs@rcn.com. You will receive an e-mail from the Chief representatives providing instructions on how to log in with a temporary password. If you have not received this information by September 3, please contact the MEA and we will resolve the problem for you. Please ensure the e-mail address you provided to us is correct.

• Just a gentle reminder for you to complete your application for direct pay coverage continuation for your eligible dependents. Remember this benefit allows you to continue health benefits coverage, through the age of 29, if your dependent qualifies. You can review more information online at the nyc.gov/olr, Management Benefit page or health benefits program page. All forms can be downloaded.

• Many of you have contacted my office regarding test prep sessions for two upcoming civil service exams – namely, the Administrative Engineer and Health Services Manager exams. It is likely that we will be conducting test prep sessions. You will receive further information regarding our decision, not later than October 15 for the Admin. Engineer and on or before December 17 regarding the Health Services Manager.

Continue to contact us with your concerns. Sometimes, during our research, we learn information that is as beneficial to us, as it is to you.

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