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President's Report

President’s Report – September 23, 2010

Comptroller’s Office – Comptroller Thompson had denied raises to his managers earning more that $90,000.As our first order of business in 2010, we met with newly elected Comptroller John Liu and his staff. We advocated that all managers should be treated fairly and with respect. As a result the raises were granted with full. Now these leaders can enjoy the fruits of their labor for the past three years. These raises, which were retroactive to March 1, 2008, were in line with the Mayor’s Executive Order of July 2009 which gave all managers under the Mayor’s purview two 4% raises.

NYCHA – New York City Housing Authority managers received no raises in 2009. We met with NYCHA Chairman John Rhea and staff in February and advocated full raises for all managers.. All NYCHA managers were granted 2% and 2% raises in June. We were gratified that Chairman Rhea understood our message that managers’ work should be recognized and respected, but we remain disappointed that these managers did not receive the same 4% and 4% raises their unionized subordinates received.

Administrative Staff Analysts Levels II and III - We have been advised that the City of New York filed an appeal of the decision to grant union status to about 675 Administrative Staff Analysts Levels II and III and that the agencies were directed to not take action to implement the decision. This is the first time the City has appealed an OCB unionization decision. This comes as a result of years of pressure applied by the MEA. As soon as we get additional information/instructions we will let you know on the website and the hotline.

Diversity in the Managerial Ranks - Racial and Gender Diversity in the Management Service – The recent news reports of the racial and gender percentages for the managers in City government do not look at the underlying causes, which must be addressed before the situation improves. The most important impediment to career civil servants, the majority of whom are female and racial minorities, to accepting entry level managerial positions is the loss of pay and benefits. Many entry level managers earn less than their subordinates. The Pay Plan schedule for Managerial Employees shows the starting salary for an entry level manager is only $ 49,492. Employees being promoted to the entry level receive at most an 8% raise. Many receive only a $1,000 differential
Retiring managers are immediately dropped from payroll. Non-managers stay on payroll until their accumulated leave time is exhausted. Retiring managers receive only one day of sick pay for every 3 days earned over 60 days. Non-managers receive one day of sick pay for every 2 days earned
The reality on the ground is many women and minority civil servants must sacrifice to take a promotion as an entry level managerial position because of the loss of net income. This is especially true for heads of households and sole supports of a household. Unless and until these discrepancies are addressed, the percentage of women and minority managers at the entry level will remain below the percentages in the total work force.

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