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The New York City Managerial Employees Association was formed in 1968 to protect and enhance the civil service and other rights of members; to secure the right to redress employment related grievances; to secure adequate compensation, retirement benefits and other employment related benefits; to improve working conditions; to improve promotional opportunities and rights; to promote the highest standards of public service and managerial performance; and to improve the delivery of municipal services to the public.

The NYCMEA continues its policy that managers are entitled to collective representation, and that those who are determined not to be managers are entitled to collective bargaining. A managerial workforce dedicated to developing and implementing the policies of the City of New York is vital to the well being of the public. Therefore, the NYCMEA will proceed to ensure that determining collective bargaining status is in accordance with appropriate interpretations of the Taylor Law as it defines the managerial workforce.

Specifically, the NYCMEA will closely monitor the filing of collective bargaining petitions as well as take steps to ensure that the review of each position is performed carefully and accurately and that the Office of Collective Bargaining rules are followed for every position.

The MEA will offer assistance to its members in completing any surveys or studies of individual jobs. The MEA will continue to interface with City and agency officials to make certain that accurate information is provided to the Office of Collective Bargaining and to review OCB determinations to ensure consistency and fairness.

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