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Minutes - September 23, 2010 General Membership Meeting


The meeting was called to order at 6:00.

Approximately 30 members attended.

Warren Lewis presided over the meeting as Stu Eber could not attend.
A motion was made to adopt the minutes of the last meeting. The motion was seconded.

The Board was introduced. Two representatives from the MCU were also welcomed.

Warren introduced Stuart Salles, NYC MEA Legal Counsel, the featured speaker. Originally Mr. Salles was to speak on "Protecting Yourself in the Workplace" however in light of OSA winning the right to represent Administrative Staff Analysts Level II and III, Mr. Salles decided to update the attendees on this issue. Mr. Salles explained the decision and its adverse impact on managers across the City. He explained the City's appeal, unprecedented in regard to a Office of Collective Bargaining (OCB) decision.

Linda Barnes, Executive Director reported on MEA's activity during the past year. She touched on accomplishments such as securing retroactive raises ranging from 4% to 8% at four City agencies including NYCHA, DOE, HHC and the Comptroller's Office, implementing new technology within MEA to improve communications, recruitment (we are at our highest membership since the inception of the MEA), and improving the visibility of MEA. The details of these accomplishments are contained in a handout given to members. Ms. Barnes also reported that 0% has been budgeted by the Mayor for raises, but MEA will continue to advocate on behalf of its members.

Mr. Lewis reported that the fiscal health of MEA was solid.

Darrell Sims who presides over training spoke about the CUNY Murphy Institute. Certificates were presented to three employees who have completed the certificate program in Public Policy and Public Administration. (One of the recipients was unable to attend).

Joel Fishelson reported on coverage for Young Adult Dependents. He also updated the members on the Financial Seminars currently under way. Two sessions have already occurred, with two more scheduled - details are on the MEA website. There is space available for the fourth session which will take place on October 6 with representatives from NYCERS, Deferred Comp and the Social Security Administration.

Members were updated on the Holiday Party - planning is underway.

Members were also updated on the upcoming move of MEA headquarters.

Board members and Mr. Salles fielded questions from the members concerning the reporting of overtime by managers, the potential for a 55/25 re-opener, the status of the retirement incentive (buyout), and the status of raises at NYCHA.

Ms. Barnes presided over a raffle.

A motion was made to adjourn, and was seconded.

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