2024 MEA Elections

This is your opportunity to let your voice be heard. Your active participation in the activities of your organization contributes to its effectiveness as an advocacy organization.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE? A member in good standing. Members paying dues as an Active employee of at least 1 year, or a dues paying Retiree of at least 2 years.

Executive Vice President
Recording Secretary
Directors-at-Large (4 positions)

Please read Article 5 and Article 10 of the By-laws of the MEA, listed below, concerning the responsibilities of the Officers listed above, and consider offering your name at this Special Meeting for consideration in the election process.

The Special Meeting will be on August 5 at 6:00 PM and advance registration is required. The meeting will be online.

7.23 Deadline for List of Slate nominees
8.5 Special membership meeting & Nomination meeting
8.9 Acceptance of nomination. Signing Ethics Code acknowledgement
8.12 Deadline for verification of independent nominees eligibility. Drawing for ballot positions
8.26 Deadline for replacement of any nominees.
9.11 Ballot instructions mailed out to all MEA members.
10.29 Announcement of elected board members.

Sect. 5.01 The Officers of the Association shall be the President, Executive Vice President,
Treasurer and Recording Secretary.

Sect. 5.02(a) The President, as the principal executive officer of the Association, shall have full
authority to execute the policies of the Association as established by these Bylaws and the
Executive Board. The President shall be the official spokesperson of the Association in all its
external relations and may authorize counsel or other representatives of the Association to
speak for the Association in the President’s place. The President shall hold no other office or
position in the Association.

Sect. 5.02(b) The President shall implement provisions of these Bylaws, the directives of the
membership and of the Executive Board. The President shall direct the activities of the other
officers and the executive staff. The President shall chair all General Membership and
Executive Board meetings, unless the President chooses to delegate such duty to another
member. The President shall report to the membership meetings orally and in writing; shall
appoint chairpersons and members of all committees, unless otherwise specified in these
Bylaws subject to an affirmative vote of the Executive Board; can remove committee chairs;
shall be an ex-officio member of all committees and chapters except for the Election
Committee; shall approve all written communications of the Association, except for
communications from Chapter Directors to their membership dealing with Chapter business,
and shall schedule meetings of the Executive Board pursuant to Sect. 6.03.

Sect. 5.02(c) The President may act in emergency situations until a meeting of the Executive
Board can be called. Any such emergency actions must be reported in writing or by other
appropriate means to all members of the Executive Board within ten business days.

Sect. 5.02(d) The President shall approve payment of proper vouchered expenses of the
Association, in accordance with budget authorizations of the Executive Board.
Sect. 5.03 The Executive Vice President shall act on the President’s behalf in the absence or
inability to serve of the President in the performance of the President’s duties. The Executive
Vice President shall see that chapter elections and meetings are held as required, certify that
each chapter has sufficient members to be a chapter and have oversight over the chapter
election process and membership related efforts.

Sect. 5.04(a) The Treasurer shall be the chief fiscal officer of the Association and shall be
responsible for its fiscal affairs, subject to the approval of the membership and Executive
Board and the direction of the President. The Treasurer shall submit an annual operating
budget to the Executive Board for approval pursuant to Sect. 6.02; shall oversee the
maintenance of membership rolls, the collection of dues and other monies and shall
recommend rejection for cause of an individual’s application for membership pursuant to
Article III. The Treasurer shall retain a certified public accounting firm, subject to affirmative
vote of the Executive Board to audit the Association’s books and records, and shall report
orally and in writing on the Association’s financial state at the Spring Membership meeting.
The Treasurer shall chair the Finance Committee established in Sect. 9.02(c).

Sect. 5.04(b) The Treasurer shall retain a certified public accounting firm, subject to an
affirmative vote of the Executive Board on an annual basis for a procedure engagement to
ensure that expenditures conform to the Association’s policies and shall report orally and in
writing the findings to the Executive Board.

Sect. 5.04(c) The Treasurer shall keep all contracts, records and property of the Association not
otherwise given by these Bylaws to another officer; cause the payment of bills approved by the
President; cause funds of the Association to be deposited in banks approved by the Executive
Board or invested in vehicles approved by the Executive Board; and shall prepare and
distribute to the Executive Board monthly a statement listing the Association’s receipts and
disbursements. The Treasurer shall report these activities to the Executive Board.

Sect. 5.05 The Recording Secretary shall keep a record of the proceedings of all regular and
Special Membership meetings of the Association and the Executive Board, including the
recording of motions, resolutions and amendments; and record, report and monitor attendance
at Executive Board meetings. The Recording Secretary shall have responsibility for
implementing the process of amending the Bylaws established in Sect. 12.02(a). The
Recording Secretary shall report these activities to the Executive Board.

Sect. 5.06 There shall be a minimum of two Directors-at-Large and up to four Directors-atLarge by vote of the Executive Board. Directors-at-Large shall be responsible to serve as
ombudsmen for MEA members, participate in and/or lead ad hoc committees, advocate on
behalf of the membership and communicate with Executive Board representatives to identify
issues to be raised at Executive Board meetings. They may assume other duties requested by
the Executive Board and/or the President.

Sect. 5.07 Any Officer or Director-at-Large who fails to attend three consecutive meetings of
the Executive Board, or four of any six successive meetings, without a reason satisfactory to

majority of the Board, shall be deemed to have resigned from the position and that position
shall be declared vacant. Meeting attendance shall be in person or by digital medium option if
such option is available.

Sect. 5.08 An Officer who is found by a two-thirds majority of the Executive Board to be in
dereliction of duty because of specific charges filed in writing by at least seven members of the
Board shall be removed from office and the position shall be declared vacant. Such charges
shall be filed with the President, or if the President is charged, with the Directors-at-Large who
shall cause the item to appear on the Agenda of the next Board meeting. At such a meeting the
charged Officers(s) shall be afforded an opportunity to explain the actions in question.

Sect. 5.09 The Officers shall be signatories on the Association’s accounts.

Sect. 5.10 The Officers shall be bonded by the Association.

Sect. 5.11 Officers who resign or whose term has ended for any reason are required to provide
their MEA files to their successors within two weeks of the election results or any other reason
for leaving office.

Sect. 5.12 The Officers shall take an oath of office at the beginning of each Officer’s term.

Sect. 10.01 To be eligible to run for any elected office in the NYC Managerial Employees Association, an active member shall be, on the day of the nominating meeting, in good standing for at least one year. A retired member must have a minimum of two years of membership prior to leaving active city service.

Sect. 10.02 Election of Officers and Directors-at-Large shall be by mail ballot referendum among members of the Association, conducted by an outside neutral party. The term of office shall be three years. Any electronic and/or telephone technology may be used to conduct the election. The Election Committee will announce the methodologies at the nominating meeting.

Sect. 10.03 The Officers shall take an oath prior to assuming office.

Sect. 10.04 There shall be an Election Committee appointed to administer the election process for Officers and Directors-at-Large established by these Bylaws and any Election Code that the Executive Board may adopt. The Election Code is not part of the Bylaws. The President shall propose the Chair and members of the Election Committee to the Executive Board at its May meeting, and approval shall be by affirmative vote of the Board at its next meeting. Election Committee members shall be neutral on the candidates and issues in the election and shall not engage in any campaign activity. The Election Committee shall arrange full and equitable distribution of appropriate membership contact information as described in the Election Code.

Sect. 10.05 Nominations for Officers and Directors-at-Large shall be from the floor of a Special Membership meeting held during the second full work week of August, but no later than August 10. No second shall be required and nominations for a position shall remain open for as long as there are members to be nominated. If only one candidate is nominated for an office 11 that candidate shall be declared elected and will not appear on the ballot. No quorum is needed to conduct nominations. The Election Committee shall conduct the nominations.

Sect. 10.06 If a candidate withdraws for personal reasons or disqualification, the candidate’s slate may present a replacement nominee to the Election Committee for certification no later than seven days before the ballot is scheduled to be printed.

Sect. 10.07 Ballots shall be mailed the second Wednesday of September with a turnaround of 21 days. Ballots shall be mailed to all members in good standing as of the night of the Special Membership meeting, as certified by the Treasurer. If no candidate for a particular office receives more than 40% of the ballots cast for that office, a run off shall be declared. Ballots for a run off between the two candidates receiving the most votes for that office shall be mailed 7 days after the election committee declares the results of the first voting, with a turnaround of 14 days. Directors-at-Large shall be elected by plurality.

Sect. 10.08 A vacancy among the Officers or Directors-at-Large shall be filled for the unexpired term by vote of the Executive Board, except that the Executive Vice President shall become President if that office is vacated.

Sect. 10.09 Employees of the Association shall be neutral on the candidates and issues in the election and shall not engage in any campaign activity. From the time the Election Committee is appointed until the results of the election are certified, the entire conduct of the election is under the jurisdiction of the Election Committee. When the MEA office is required to perform certain ministerial election functions, they shall be conducted under the jurisdiction of the Election Committee.