2024 Primary Elections

Time for New Yorkers to do their civic duty and vote – because your vote matters.

New York primary dates:

  • early voting is from June 15 – 23
  • election day is on June 25

New York State has closed primaries; only those who are registered with a political party are able to vote in that party’s primary race. Unaffiliated or independent voters are not eligible to participate in primary races.

Not sure of your polling location or registration status? You can visit this page to look up your voter information as a New York State resident. Depending on your registration information, you may be able to see a sample ballot for the races you are eligible to vote in (this page may provide additional information for those registered in New York City). The registration deadline is June 15; you can find more information about registering here.

We encourage all eligible voters to be engaged citizens and participate in the election process.