DCAS: Compensation Primer for Managerial and Original Jurisdiction (OJ) City Employees

On June 20, DCAS announced a guide for “City of New York Compensation Primer for Managerial and Original Jurisdiction Employees.”

It is the first of its kind in city government and explains all aspects of employee compensation for non-managerial, managerial and Original Jurisdiction (OJ) employees. These primers will be included in all new employee orientation materials and will be available on Cityshare for current employees.

We encourage members to read and familiarize themselves with the information. Included in the document:

  • New York City’s Civil Service System
    • Four service classes and the difference between Managerial and Original Jurisdiction titles
  • How Can I Find More Information Pertaining to My Civil Service Title?
  • What Are Managerial and Original Jurisdiction (OJ) Titles?
  • Salary and Compensation
    • Base Salary
    • Overtime (OT) Pay
    • Non-Monetary Compensation
    • Educational Benefits
    • Retirement Benefits

Below is the document and download link.