I am writing to you to say thank you.

To the MEA,

A big thank you for the assistance in facilitating my recent Pension Counseling session. The one-hour online session was moderated by Jay who had a long agenda of topics. He started out by identifying the specific Pension plan that I am a member of and provided an overview of criteria for retirement. 

Other items covered included record keeping, taxation in various States, draw down of savings plans, pointing out that substantial information is available on various web sites, how banked leave is handled and the options one will be presented with, planning dates, Medicare, and several other topics.

It was a great conversation with Jay where I was able to ask questions and even pose hypotheticals.

Even though I went into the session with some of my own research, the session provided an overview of the retirement process and an insight as to what to expect and how to navigate the process.

I would encourage my fellow MEA members to take advantage of this and other benefits of the MEA.

As soon I can, I will be joining the MEA Retiree Chapter as it is a means to have problems addressed as well as keeping one informed of the issues relevant to retirees.

In closing, thanks for providing this service. It has provided information that I did not know and updated what I know.

Winston Wills