I am writing to you to say thank you.

Good afternoon MEA,

I have been working for NYC for nearly 20 years. Although I enjoy my work, I have been facing some challenges due to office politics. My colleagues have expressed their disagreement with my decisions and changes for the betterment of the agency. This may make me the target of their frustration. Implementing change is difficult. Despite my efforts to address the issues, I haven’t been able to determine the source of their complaints. It does feel that it is personal.

I considered a transfer. I considered relinquishing my title while keeping my salary and benefits. Neither option was possible. I cannot resign from my job because my family depends on me.  I need to provide for them.

As a civilian manager, I understand that receiving allegations is part of the job and cannot guarantee that it won’t happen again. However, I am hopeful that I can rely on MEA’s support to continue assisting me. I want to express my gratitude to you for being a helpful and understanding ear when I feel frustrated and emotional.

Legal counsel has been an excellent source of assistance, being straightforward and transparent. I appreciate your help.

~MEA Member