I am writing to you to say thank you.

I contacted the MEA because I was in need of some additional objective insight and support.

I had received a promotion but was having an issue with my supervisor related to the challenges faced by the department before my tenure. While I came into the position we had some operational challenges and I was addressing them successfully.

Our metrics were improving and so it came as  a surprise when the idea of a less than satisfactory performance evaluation and an improvement plan was even broached.

One can’t help but think: What can I do? Can I go back to my old role? Am I being set up to fail?

I contacted the MEA for insight and received support and useful feedback.

When this was happening, it was good to have a sounding board – to even determine what is obvious vs. those things which may not be so obvious but need to be discussed.

I worked with the advice and guidance that we discussed, and I am pleased that the situation was de-escalated.