I am writing to you to say thank you.

Over the years as an active and retired manager, I am the recipient of guidance as well as help from MEA. When I got promotion from a union position to a manager, I was more than worried about losing representation that union provides. A colleague introduced me to MEA and it’s workings and I was assured that I would receive representation, if needed.

Little did I know, how helpful this organization is.

It is my experience that everyone at MEA is working for all managers and help with every issue. Even after retirement, as a retiree, you have access to their support. The best example in recent days is the help to understand the new Medicare plan being implemented.

I really have no words to express my thanks to all, especially Alice, Matt and Stu for documents, discussions and explanations regarding this new complicated plan and enabling me to make a decision.

I will ask all present and past managers to consider being members of MEA and avail themselves of the support and guidance offered by them.

Purnima Dixit