I am writing to you to say thank you.

When I was a working manager I felt, as I assume most of us did, that it was important to join the MEA. Once I retired, I also felt that it was important to maintain my membership in the MEA. I wanted to have some personal connection to the operation of NYC, plus the benefits  associated with membership.

In addition, I felt supporting the MEA was a small way I had to help maintain their operation. During retirement I attended and benefited from several programs given by the MEA. They held meetings and supplied information about wills, investments and estate planning, plus other topics to support the future of retirees families.

The current situation with the Medicare Advantage Plan, that has been proposed for the retired, is an  excellent example. The MEA has had and is continuing to have ZOOM meetings to get information out to the members to help them make informed decisions.

As a retired manager, I feel that it is necessary for us to belong to and support the MEA.