I am writing to you to say thank you.

My name is Rosetta Apisiga.

I am a Member of the MEA Retirees Chapter. I worked at Woodhull Hospital.

And, I am writing to you to say thank you.

I had an issue with my health insurance. More than an issue – it just disappeared one day. That was scary. I could not understand how this could happen. I had doctor’s bills, too.

I called the MEA. We talked. Together, we figured out what may have happened. Then, we fixed it. It was a huge relief.

Everything was reauthorized.

A friend, and union member, had a similar problem and she asked me “How were you able to resolve this?”

I could tell her. And, I had help from the MEA.

I also want to tell my fellow Retirees to see and use our MEA Retiree Page.