Financial Investments 101

Do you know the difference between a bond vs stocks? Are you looking to invest? Join us for this info session in understanding the types of investments available.

During this session we will discuss the various types of investments.  By the end of the session, participants will know:

  1. What Are the Capital Markets
  2. Types Of Investments
  3. Basics Features and Risks of the Different Types of Investments
  4. Free Resources to Learn More

Advance registration is required. Zoom link will be provided to all registrants.

Peter Gonzalez is the program manager of investor education community outreach at the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Investor Education Foundation. He is an advocate for informing and educating diverse communities about saving and investing. In this capacity, Peter enhances FINRA’s efforts to enable, facilitate, and deliver innovative financial capability programming, with an emphasis on communities with diverse cultural and socio economic backgrounds. He also collaborates with researchers on studies to advance the understanding of diverse communities’ financial capabilities, circumstances, and well-being. Prior to joining the FINRA Investor Education Foundation, Peter served as a Principal Examiner in FINRA’s Anti- Money Laundering Investigative Unit. In this role, he investigated broker dealers’ compliance with applicable AML rules and regulations, including FINRA AML rules, the Bank Secrecy Act, and the PATRIOT Act. He is also a major contributor to FINRA’s Racial Justice Task Force. The Racial Justice Task Force is comprised of a diverse group of FINRA employees united in their goal to achieve meaningful, sustained progress in the fight against racism and prejudice within our organization, the securities industry, and our communities.