Umran Malik, Assistant Chapter Director, MEA DOE

Congratulations! By executive nomination and vote, Umran Malik has been appointed as the Assistant Chapter Director for DOE, as a representative on the MEA Executive Board.

Umran started his career with the Department of Education (DOE) as a high-school intern making copies and setting up tables for DOE PEP Members. Since then, he earned his master’s degree and worked with multiple agencies, including the BOE, DYCD, FDNY, DOHMH, HRA/DSS, and DOE to advance his career into his current role as Director. Amazingly, he now participates in the PEP meetings in a management role (the same ones he used to attend as an intern).

He also tries to give back, when he is not working at the DOE. Umran is a volunteer coach, for year-round sports leagues in Baseball, Cricket, Football, Basketball etc.. and collaborates closely with his community on various events.  He has also volunteered as an Auxiliary. 

Umran does all this for his four young boys.