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    Authorization for Deduction of Dues




    Subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Mayor's Executive Orders Nos. 98 and 99 of May 15, 1969 and in all Executive Orders amendatory or supplemental thereto now in existence or hereafter issued, to which terms and conditions I voluntarily consent and agree, I hereby authorize The City of New York to deduct in each regular payroll from my salary or wages the sum of FOURTEEN DOLLARS (bi-weekly) and to pay over said sum to the NYC Managerial Employees Association in payment of my dues in the above captioned employee organization, on condition that said employee organization pay to The City of New York all costs and expenses determined by The City of New York as incurred by the City in connection with carrying out the plan authorized by said Orders. There shall be no change in the amount of the dues deduction without due prior notice to the undersigned employee member.

    I have revoked any other authorization to deduct organizational dues I may have heretofore conferred on any organization from any payroll. This authorization shall terminate and cease not later than six weeks after the NYC Managerial Employees Association has received written notification from me revoking and canceling same.