MEA Team

Meet the newest member of the MEA Team and help us welcome Erin Jordan.

MATT CONLEY, Member Services Representative. I am a business development professional who has worked in both For Profit and Non- Profit worlds. I have worked with the decision makers at large corporations and individuals who require the gift of time to achieve their goals. My role has been to advocate for and solve the problems of those who require assistance. My first job was when I was six years old – I had a paper route. I am from New England and sometimes the accent may appear. For all you New Yorkers – Yankees fans, one of my relatives won six World Series pitching for the Yankees.

ERIN JORDAN, Office Manager. Erin comes to MEA after a tour in the publishing industry and a turn as a Special Education teacher with the Department of Education. Her passion for encouraging a positive working environment and belief that all employees deserve to be treated with dignity and respect inspired her to transition to her new home. After growing up just north of Baltimore, she moved to New York to pursue her BA in English at St. John’s University and has resided in Queens since.

ALICE WONG, Executive Director. Growing up globetrotting the world at an early age, with the appreciation the world is bigger and much more interesting, Alice moved to New York City, where she began a successful career in International Business. In her role as Executive Director of MEA, she will lead organizational operations, with responsibility for the expansion of MEA into the future. She intuitively sees the threads of opportunity within an organization to leverage her unique perspective into effective problem solving, improved financial oversight, and program success. Alice holds an E.MBA from Fordham University and a Graduate Certificate in communications from New York University. She resides in New York City and enjoys scuba diving, culinary adventures, and traveling.

(L to R) Matt Conley, Erin Jordan, and Alice Wong